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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Kenneth, What is the Frequency?
More Musings on Dangerous Dan:

I know what you are thinking: Its the Dan Man's 73rd birthday, and he spends it at the office? Yeah, the same thought has been perplexing my grey matter as well. What can I say, except that The Rather is a brooding pool of existential mystery? And a workaholic. The man is supposedly retired, but he still shows up at the office in suspenders and suit, ready to dash on the air and report the news, dammit! There wasn't any office party for him, either. At least, not one that I was invited to.

But really, who am I to quibble with how Rathersourus Rex chooses to commemorate his latest trip around the sun? After all, I am currently muddling through the most boring Halloween I have ever endured. No candy, no shit. I didn't even make it to the Greenwich Halloween Parade. Whatevs, I'm just doing my part for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Anyway, I went outside for a ciggy and I realized something: New York is not noticeably crazier on Halloween. Yeah, there are some people walking down the street dressed as sexy nurses or Hell's Angels, but they just blend right in with the everyday freaks.

And that's the news.

listening to: Willie Nelson - Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
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